Sunday, March 9, 2008

Want to know what i have been doing? Well.. today at 12am to 3am work on Segmen STRESS and i tell you, ramai girls yang hurt. Hurt because of boyfriend. Very normal, when you start dating. Abnormal if you never felt it. so.. very interesting. Everyday is always interesting to me. From that too, learn something new.
Woke up at 5am this morning, then tidor lagi jap. Then bangun lagi at 6am and mandi. Went off to Labi. Went to Merangking. Wah.. sleepy, but didn't want to close my eyes takut rugi...he.he.. pasal apa tu nah? Because never been to that side of kampong. So.. took some pictures jua.
Balik, tetidor-tidor ani bah. Slept after that until 5pm. Wah.. atu tidor eh. solat jap, and now in muara. I will be here until 2am. Em.. not been having a proper time for my sleep lately. But i guess that keeps me busy. Kalau inda busy, karang someone say something. So anyway, i guess i make myself busy until bila bila lah. Its my time jua and its me jua.
Tomorrow, i don't know what i will be doing. I will keep you posted. Em.. i am looking forward for tomorrow. Be great when i get enough sleep ah. Makan pun inda betantu. Gastrik attack the other day, tarus eh.. layu di rumah makan ubat and tidor. Once i makan ubat, and tidor, i will just let myself, my body to function by itself once ready to bangun. Otherwise you know, rasa ayung. Like pening pening, not migrain but like almost fainting.
Oh well... kan bercerita tah jua. I am still lonely. By Akon .. Mr.Lonely.. but by me Ms.Lonely... Anyway, i had a great time at work this morning. Played good tracks of music.

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