Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're saying?

What will u do if ur boyfriend just stopped calling u or make any means of communication, without any reason at all?

I got this for an answer. Thank you my friend.

- cowardness or pure insensitivity.. whatever may that be sometimes there are no reason behind when people's feelings change...cry... allow yourself to be depressed (but only for a time).. listen to silly sad songs.. eventually you will get tired of feeling down... ask yourself... do you want to be with someone who doesn't appreciate you enough?.. are you still willing to carry a torch for someone who doesn't respect you enough to say goodbye?and then start to ACCEPT that he's not yours to begin with.. finally walk away and leave everything behind... am sure, one day you'll look back and smile.. ciao :)


MonteCristo said...

Very philosophical and stoic. Bite the bullets......eh.

Anonymous said...

What if its the othe way round. That the girl stopped answering his calls, dont bother calling him back and simply ignored his messsages. what would you do???