Monday, March 3, 2008


Good Morning.. Rise and Shine.. Are you alone? Oh well... go out there and start meeting people. You will feel better. Au.. malu? Bah kalau malu, catu tah ganya jadi nya. Play lah some good music for you ear. If you like tune in right now with Iril and Zaty on HBD. Pantun.Com with "ngalih"... at 9am. But you can start calling at 8.30am.. bah.. fikirkan tia.

I am at the restaurant now. Breakfast? oh well, now easy lah. But i still prefer cereal with milk in the morning or eggs. Hard boiled egg ah. Not a fan of the half boiled one... dono napa, but lets ask Iril next time what category fobia it goes to.. ha.ha..

Jangan lupa sarapan.. sarapan.... good food for better health. Bah, kalau alum sarapan, stop here and go minum dulu... kalau nak minum sambil membaca, why not. A good start in the morning. So what's you plan for today? Anything interesting? Well hopefully you done with your yesterday's hal, and now a new one and keep learning. Me?

Me? Keeping myself busy jua, here and there. Sapa cakap me kena beri makan ah?? ha.ha.. like i inda boleh buat sendiri. Inda ada orang sponsor lah.. apa lah. Have to work hard, smart to earn your ownself. Jangan tah berharap orang. If you are strong, then, apa lagi. Kalau inda rugi saja hidup. But must be bertaqwa jua. Tetapkan hati, Ikhlas dalam melakukan sesuatu, insyallah... ganjaran akan di terima.. Kalau nda caya, coba tia. Bersyukur with what you have, you able to see, talk, to walk, to move, and to voice out. Remember that, some don't have those abilities you have. Start appreciating.

Anyway, have a great SUPER DAY and HAVE FUN.. come by to Seri Mama Restaurant in Muara to have your breakfast kah, em.. lunch ka... em... dinner ka.. em... supper ka... We are open from 7am to 2am. Yes ... got wireless too..

pS. i Want TO be the FirSt to tell you....

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