Saturday, March 1, 2008

My life this morning

at work this morning. I kira-kira my sleep last nyte. Reach home at 2.30am. Wash up. Sleep after. Then bangun at 8pm. Shower and looking good as usual..he.he... and zoom off to work at 8.45am. Reach Bandar at exact 9am. Park my car... luckily got parking space, tapi jauh.. paksa tah jalan. Inda jua paksa lah, willingly jua kan bejalan. Beautiful morning tadi atu.

I have a good time at work today. Smooth.. yeah very smooth. From my view lah. Not quite sure boout you. Hopefully you have a good time at work too. Now, i am in muara. yeah.. kaja kali ah. Then later out at 6pm, balik rumah, shower then tutong at 7pm. So tonight jua Best914 and DJ60Saat.. kan... so have to be there.

Later tonite, when done, back to muara. My baby Luqman with ayahnya today. So at least that ok dah. Em... tomorrow, Sunday, still work, but later during the day. No work on Monday for me in the conti, so be in Muara. Ngalih? Well you ask me? no lah. I like it. Guess born to be like this. Inda beranti kan buat apa apa. Can't duduk diam saja. You know lah why...

So, em.. Sunday, must have soto eh tmro with Luqman, if he is available jua toh. Otherwise alone tah toh. Are you alone??? ha.ha.... that i heard from the new friends i have BFF... cool. AB toh selalu cakap like that... "are you alone?".... haha.a.. i am laughing out loud here.

Just had lunch. I have mixed vegetable and plain rice. Oh ya.. i want to share another story. About my topics atu, still waiting for some sharing sharing story from you too... Nda kanz nada??? One of my friends call me up, and read about the topic i have. Bercerita tia. Karang karang tah i write for you . Let me know. I will keep the name off record.

Au.. serious..

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