Saturday, March 22, 2008

1st Day in Sandakan

Morning.. sampai ja ke Sandakan, lah lapar eh. Some of us makan di kedai makan 24 jam di nun.. sana. Got to cross the road and pass one roundabout. Jalan kakai ja. Too long dalam kereta. Thank you to Dj Ashraff, Dj Lydia and Dj Aliff for mentioning our trip on-air yesterday. The family of those people yang join with us heard it and tau whereabout we are too. So it was fun and interesting. So about this trip, 1st time convoy i did with Gemilang and Co-Sponsored by TOYOTA NBD (BRUNEI) SDN BHD.

Dulu i masih ingat lagi, took the convoy trip with bikers from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. That was when Awie and Erra Fazira was still couple kan. So the trip with them. Very interesting and as i said quite a long time ago. I have the bus trip with Yasmoon and friends to Miri, organized by Erna. And Fabulous!!!!

You all must try this. With our without your partner. Sometimes partner can delay your travel. Do what you must, because you might not see another beautiful day.... But that too, if you are married, don't go alone lah. Kalau masih couple, okay lah. There are times i regreted missing the good times because of my partner. Lah masa masa yang lalu. But now, set your mind, for you. YOu ONLY.. Sampai ani i never get to see Krisdayanti in Concert lagi. Once upon a time, ada kan konsert di Brunei, Krisdayanti, and i got the B$100.00 ticket, but gave it away, coz i only got one ticket and that time ... wah so ikut cakap partner... then melepas lah... But until now, tekenang kenang if i see her (Krisdayanti) on TV.. I wish i'd gone. OH welll...

So school holidays hah... i wanted to bring my Luqman, but i rasa at the moment he doesn't enjoy long trip like this. Bukan apa, trip to KK inda mau bangun.. tidor tah saja all the way. So maybe, certain age kali be good for him. Ha.ha... Love and missing him.

So tadi pagi, makan lah nasi ayam sajok, sup nya saja panas... huhu... ia lah. What to do.... makan lah perut dah lapar. And takut gastrik attack lagi. All the way yesterday, i learn new things. Very intersting. You see, banyak cara to learn. Why stress yourself with one. Belajarlah sehingga ke negeri Cina... ya ka? Well.. bukan saja belajar kan bedegree... bermaster.. be PHD.. maksudnya, skills pun perlu. Belajar tah tinggi tinggi, skill nada, what good does it do... If you have all, WOW.. salut eh. That is even better. Tapi kalau nada peluang kan belajar mengambil diploma ka, degree ka, master ka or whatever yang lebih besar dari atu, take skills course. This help daripada putus asa kan.

Especially when you have less intrests in studying, learn skills. Do what you like to do. But make sure study sampaikan ke O level, and A level.. then if you want to upgrade your skills do so. Ceritanya like this, some people otak nya inda mampu kan belajar far, tapi i am sure you can still learn sesuatu yang you like. If you like to travel, go travel. Low budget ka, big budget ka... liat... always liat apa yang terjadi di sekeliling you. Or if you like masak, learn memasak. If you like music, learn music. If you like the sea, learn about the sea. If you wonder about cuaca, learn about cuaca. If you are curious about people, learn about people. Your interests akan mula mengembang, and maybe you will want to further your study based on your interests yang akan give you chance to go big.

Get it??? ha.ha... banyak cakap me ani ah. I am in my room now, got to do a report for this trip too. Very interesting trip. I am writing this sudah pagi pagi, i think sangal you mendengar kalau you with me. Inda beranti bercakap. Tapi bab me diam, when i don't have trust on you, bah you will see me diam, pijak semut pun tak mati. I just fell like that. Got one word for it, tapi lupa ku eh... i will write it up later later.

At 10am akan bertolak ke Kudat. The tip of Borneo. Mudahan sampai before sunset. Camera ready..... haha.a..

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