Tuesday, March 4, 2008


been a long day for me... Was in the restaurant since early morning till petang tadi. Went home to sleep for an hour. Which is good. yeah good. I am so lonely. Don't know why. Really lonely my heart. I want someone to talk to. But i dont know how. To write one thing. To share with someone special one thing. I dont have anyone...

I want the TLC so much. I am so wanting it so much and dont know how.. i can be strong but ada jua limit nya. There are times when you need it bad. Sound desparate ah.. ha.ha... Oh well... That's how i feel now. Right this minute, yes i am desparate for love.. love... love...

What can you do when you are in that condition? Well, i know puasa to control your nafsu. But really bah.. how? I m listening to Rebpvblik - Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu.. to someone i love dearly been and will be forever though we never have the chance to be together.. yeah then from shaggy/Nasha - those were the days my friend we thought it never end... oh well, it end..

I want to dedicate the song Munajat Cinta to someone out there who one there be mine... ahai..lonely me berabiz... Tuhan kirim kan lah aku kekasih yang baik hati.. yang menyintai aku kepada nya... gosh.. titik..

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