Wednesday, March 19, 2008


How are you? Em... tomorrow holiday ah. Wah got one day saja before Sabah Trip. Well, that going to be interesting too. I aim to go to the tip of Borneo since last year. I am so looking forward. I am lucky to have this opportunity, didn't plan but it happen too. If i plan, it will not happen. So, no plan for me unless its necessary. But kalau kaja and all atu, of course must plan lah. Kalau inda jadi, ambil plan B, then so on.

Hai.. just so bangun dari tidor, watched CNN and wow... rupanya ada something going on in China. C Ann told me, tourists in China not allowed to go out of their hotel.. wah... atu ya. bari ijab tu eh. Scarry ah. Baik jua lagi negeri tani, walaupun ramai said boring nada atu, nada ani, at least syukur lah Aman Damai kali ah. No comment pada yang lain nya. Kalau boring, try look for activity yang interesting and join them and sama ada you enjoy to be alone like lone ranger or with your love one. Up to you. For me, i am a lone ranger. So i go alone to join people and to get to know people.

I tell you what, dulu i am not like this, like to be alone sajaaaa, but now, i change my lifestyle. And to be with people, jangan lah pilih bulu or pilih kulit. Anybody can be your friend. If you want to feel younger, then mix with younger people..he.he.e.. if you want to gain more experience and knowledge, mix with middle age, if you are better than all that, mean you are good and boleh mix with all ages. Just remember your motif saja. For what? If its good, good tah jadi nya. If sebaliknya, inda tah lama tu.

Life have been a rollercoaster. Again fun, kalau straight saja inda jua siok. Menjadi matang, that you have to lalui. In LIfe its not easy, In LIfe, to be sucessful is to survive!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY AT WORK, ENJOY YOUR WEEKENDS, KEEP SMILING.

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Anonymous said...

salam..hai zura good are u.?fine yeh..lst nyte me mcm tk sabar nak bca new artikan frm u..alhmdulilah pagi ni ada yg bru..belik2 me bca and fahami..bab bergaul dgn semua golongan and conecting wt people..i agree wit it..multi prps..we as a senior ilmu dn pengalaman yg brguna seharus nya d curah kn pda new gnrtion..evn BILAL pun mesti sporting tpi ada batasan,belia skrang bukn snang nak hndle tau..point view is BERGAUL DGN MESYARAKAT TAK KIRA WRNA KULIT utk kbaikan.WOW u brilliant,international but ada ciri2 muslimah sejati..kpt it up..thanks