Saturday, May 3, 2008

Taking Chances..

On a RED light??? That would be stupid. GREEN. YELLO. RED. ada sebabnya. This morning a very cute color car like caramel color..'yummy' was going fast on a red light. I love the color of that car like sweet but the way the driver drive not i like.

Taking chances on a RED LIGHT is a no no even though you feel SAFE to run THE RED LIGHT. Now, what if ? What if ? What if ? What if the the other driver or road users think the same like you did when you run the RED LIGHT? I mean that minute, taking chances... BANG!!!!!! That would be the answer. What if ? What if ? What if ?

Ps. i ever witnessed an accident 'taking chances' on the RED LIGHT... And luckily everyone was okay... BANG!!! i was shock. What if ? ..... Whose to blame?

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