Wednesday, May 28, 2008


not the mood i want today. Entah serba salah. From morning till now. Gangu my brain eh. But i am okay. Just today, i am supposed to go Miri to fix my brace but cancel. Luqman not well since last night. Petang kemarin i pick em up from Lambak, pening pening katanya. I asked how come? After main main petang, masok rumah and mandi. Then after that pening and reach home muntah! Gosh! never pun Luqman muntah. Kata nya pening from his right kepala.

I still belum bring him to the hospital. I am going to wait dulu until later. He tried to eat, but muntah. Still dizzy. Not well. Myself pun not so well. Caughing saja from kemarin bahari. But then i thought its okay. I think i need to go buy ubat batok tah jua karang. Is it because of cuaca? Is it musim deman? or what???

I tried to cheer up, but then hey!!!!!!! Cheer up!!! Cheer up!!! Okay lah. Okay already. Just like this sometime you need someone kan. But again, lonely and alone, with Luqman not well, blurr ku eh. I am worried. But i am okay jua. This is the time when you need someone.

Huh... i am working tomorrow lagi suboh. And Luqman not well. I am not going to have enough sleep. I have to look after him. And i will be awake every hour incase he wants minum. Tadi while makan panadol, for a while okay. Then i was next to him, abis mengambur muntah on me all over the bed. Luckily bed atu banyak lapis nya. So inda kena the main matress.

I quickly remove and change to a new one. Kecian eh. Sempat lagi Luqman say sorry to me. "Sorry mummy"... doi, kan menitik air mata ku olehnya. I said "its okay sayang. Bukan Luqman buat sengaja. Luqman not well..." Cian eh.. gosh!!!

I rather be sick than to see him sick. He never pening and vomit. This is the first time. Except when he was only a baby. About a week, kuning kan warna baby atu dikit, so the doctor gives ubat. sekali apa nah ubat nya?? Salah ubat!! Hoi... beria beria baby Luqman. Sampai lamah ani. I bring back to see that doctor, then they (all) admit wrong ubat!!!!!! Huhu..

Baik tah check ubat. Pastikan jua jangan salah dosage nya. Ada tadi waktu perbualan WE, about to check on ubat di beri. Just ask if not pasti. Salah ubat buat pesakit masok ICU lah and etc. So how about that?? So check your ubat ya. I need to go soon.

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