Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I got my KRISTAL ASTRO CARD!!!! Imagine tia how long i have to wait.. But it was smooth and very fast when it comes to your turn at the counter... no worries. I met a woman with a little girl sat next to me and her birthday was on Mother's Day 11.5.08. I spoke to her tadi but she was shy.. her name is Ruaishah.. Well she was wearing 'R' pendant on her necklace. She is so cute. Her mama said they got to celebrate her birthday a bit late coz one of the relative passed away the day before that...Oh and her mama took a day off to renew her KRISTAL ASTRO. Then a woman sat next to me renewing her boss punya KRISTAL ASTRO card. I ask her jua is it her working time, au eh. She said its her boss, so ada excuse lah. Magic ka... I am glad i got mine already. At least i got to read one chapter of my book too... happy me..

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