Friday, May 23, 2008


One thing i must say, i am proud of being a Bruneian. And even to let the world know about Brunei and what we have that no other country have. Each country have its own uniqueness. But when you are away so far, and people just ask where you form. Brunei? Where is that? Em... Kalau nya tau Borneo baik lagi. Only when you say Borneo, baru ada yang mengangok. Well....don't know know kalau they know or not jua tu.

One time i went to one of the radio station in California, met one woman while we were having our break for that afternoon, cerita cerita tia pasal she's about to visit Borneo. She ask me about Malaria etc.. Banar kah kata nya. So i said its not really that bad if kan ke jungle nya. And she acutally love going ke jungle and wanting to see all what we have.

Some yang ada, didn't exactly know where Brunei is, but some tau. Even yang sat next to me during the pledging atu, menyabut Bandar Seri Begawan... Wow!!! amazing. I ask how he get to know the capital city atu, and he said he memorized all the country dalam globe atu and the capital citynya. I was in california membuat pledging atu pun as though i know all counties there... not really, but i just go for it and i learn as i get along.

Not all like that ah.... When you explain, Brunei like other city.. REALLY?? Well bangang jua tu. I don't know how many of you been abroad far where people kadang feel like they are in their own world and never thought other country exist.. ada tu...Say like America.. If you ask them have they been flying internationally, au tu nya. Tapi, au atu in the map of America atu saja. Alum lagi keluar. Kira kalau keluar dari USA atu, luxurious....

So yes.... i am proud to be Bruneian. When you in my shoes, go out and about, met alll different kind of people, and if some only think monkey exists di Brunei saja, and no cities, jungle tah ganya (questing would be like do you have TOILET???) and some imagine like we live like zaman purba way, i think you just have to introduce that our Brunei also got buildings and other things kan..kan...

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