Tuesday, May 27, 2008


See the arrow? Yes.. tadi at 6.45am tadi. I tell you baru ku pernah meliat Polis Trafik mengawal jalan with passion. Entah ah.. i smile actually. Smile because of the way he did it. He was enjoying himself and like he knows what he's doing. I LIKE IT!!! That's the way he handled it. even his other frens (Police trafik yang lain) well... about 7ish when i reach there pun smiling the way he did it. Very confident!!!! That's the way it should be. Besemangat. Like menari bah, but in control. Just him alone tadi and it was perfect. I don't know who, but i tell you he is GOOD!!! Good Job eh!!! Congrats!!!!! Kalau ada video cam, i would sit and take him in action. You would smile too... Caya loh!!!

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Anonymous said...


I was in Brunei for 8 days last week. Had a blast.Brunei-ians is very friendly and willing to help.Kinda impressed with the work from your country Jabatan Tanah.huhu.

BTW, your traffic system to seem impressive.congratz.