Monday, May 26, 2008


Yes tadi pagi i was along Jalan Jangsak. Amazingly today jalan inda jam like usual. Exactly di Jangsak i was tuning in to KFM Dj Tini on-aired and she received text from listeners that Jangsak road inda as busy as usual.. em.. May be Monday orang late karaja kali nya.. he.he.. Parking lot still empty. I was tuning in to a few stations this morning. I need that..

So i guess kan, now they closed the U turn atu with the cones to avoid people making U Turn during the peak hours. And it works. Amazing ah... But of course ada Polis Trafik jaga at one of the U Turn jua to give other road users yang kan use the other side of the road. At the trafik light there will be two Polis Trafik assigned during the busy hours. Em.. sometimes dua dua male. And sometimes satu male and one female. Steady eh...

But check out this one ... i took this one hari atu. There are four??? Biar betul?? Why four at this junction??


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