Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If you sad with your life, go get A LIFE!!! Sick.. really sick... All you can talk about is negative things you can think of. There are better things to talk about and think about than to waste your brain for JUST ABOUT YOU!!! You may have the look "Oh LIke super MOdal??? but you are sick!!" Really you are.

There are children, people out there dying and some mind you ARE DEAD already!! And all you can talk about is **** and you know who. YOu must be really stupid and have no heart at all. All you think about is MONEY... MONEY..MONEY.. and you think money can buy everything? You THINK? You must be a really SAD CHILD.

I am sad to see such a person exist. A S**P** one too. Sad, wish you can use your stupidity with a good sense of humor. It would be better. That would probably make people laugh rather than .......... .......... ............ Now you prove it that you are ............ Well, just be very careful.

Whatever you do, no matter how high you can touch right now (you think).. we are all human. And you have been there and i know you tried everything to survive. Why????? Why???? You think you were born with a SILVER SPOON???? Well go mirro youself before you become A WITCH. Not a good looking one too.. Save your beauty add more sweetness, be more polite.. and Insyallah you be the SUPERWOMAN!!!!

Take this in a positive view. Its for the better. And i just hate another beautiful you become the ugly you!!!! PUT SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND A SINCERE ONE TOO... CLEAR THAT EVIL HEART AND YOU WILL SEE THE PURITY GLOWS ON YOUR FACE.

Ps. no hard feelings. I don't hate you. You can say whatever you want. I am still here if you need anything. After all, we are human. we are woman. And whatever it is, life still beautiful with all the challanges we have and gone through. Just Smile....and i am sincere when i said that...


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