Monday, May 19, 2008



YES... so green yesterday.
So yesterday was fun. And today?? He5. Yesterday atu, everybody seem busy but some at least make it to Danau. These are the few of the great one... I got here at 4ish pm and the rest awal two hours kali. Though OKAY ramai, we all enjoyed it.
We have udang, lamb chop (very nice one), chicken wings, hot dog with cheese and normal one hot dog pun ada, em.. water melon clone dari entrance of the beach..ha.ah.a. ada sikui besar sekali there, and cheese cake, mee goreng and minuman campor. Great guys!!!
Its a budget picnic, but hey at the end, the weather turns out to be perfect, us relaxing well, chit chating about the world and etc... ha.ah.... that was fun. Though for me, kelam kabut after work at 2pm worriedkan weather hujan. Maklum lah... but mendung awal atu, and i thought OH NO.. HUJAN TIA.. nda jua putus asa, still on the way atu, call Ashraff to check the cuaca there okay or not. :)

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Anonymous said...

I like ur first photo. Cool dan syahdu. Tc