Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Took this one yesterday. One of the topik. Today about mengenali Warga Emas. Perubahan WE. And tomorrow be the last day for the training. So far, i learned someting new. Very new.. and i am glad.
This is how we get to be close with masyarakat di sekeliling. Many stories were shared tadi, from pengalaman all the people who have been doing this work for years and years. Banyak cerita yang you inda pernah dengar. And i am sure this also happened around the world kan...
Bukan saja in our country, but other countries too. Scarry but this is life. This is good for us. One day we are going to be old jua. We be there jua.. soon. Not so soon maybe, but sooner than you think kali ah.. Very fast and inda terasa. Bila you terasa sakit menghadapi kehidupan ani, maybe slow rasa nya. But when you have fun and you woun't even realize you there already.

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