Wednesday, May 14, 2008


7.00am - Hello you Good Morning. Cheer up!!! Great morning today ya. Hope everything goes well. Early for me. Working with Fauzan. Now news so Fauzan went to canteen to buy makan. I pesan roti telor. Kuning mati. Ha.ha.. I have orange juice from home and a bottle of water.

What about you? What's your breakfast? Hope good food. Hope quality food. Hope good for good health. Don't forget your water. Oh.. i will post Fauzan before and now. What is it? Well, nantikan saja. Need to do something dulu before i post it. Must get approval from Fauzan too.. Agree sudah Fauzan plang... he.he..

7.10am..Ops!!!! Fauzan came back and no mamam!!! Aiya!!! Canteen still tutup!!! I cannot believe this. Canteen RTB still tutup at this time??? Please lah.. mana early shift nya??? The only canteen di RTB yang we are hoping open at this time. Sad so sad. Canteen should open as early 6.00 am. Oh.. the story i received from Fauzan, the food kuih ready dah, but the girls baru memop and cleaning??? What?? Alum siap??

Anyway, we were hoping to have our hot tea this morning. But pun sia jauhkan dari bala. So.. we still inda putus asa. Will check it out later lagi soon. Well i think Fauzan will have another go. Okay, let see if ada kan di mamam.

I had chicken pie early pagi and quishe. A small one. Hehe.. di rumah ada baker to bake. Ha.ha.. not bad ah. So if you want to order pun let me know. Got currypuff, got chicken pie or birthday cake pun got. Em.. i just love the caramel pudding.. got also. Em.. tiramisu pun ada. Anything just email me. And i check the price jua lah ya.

Beautiful morning. Hope you have a great day too.. MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU AND US TOO... AMIN..AMIN..AMIN

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