Thursday, May 29, 2008


At home he was not well. Paning saja and kepanasan. Padahal room temp air-con at 17 c kali ah. Well kulit kulit....... So anyway, he was not well since Tuesday evening. At first paning paning nya. Then muntah muntah. I thought just normal panas ja. Then yesterday, well, okay jua but paning jua. But today before i go to work, at 4.30am, check on him, he wanted to eat. I make breakfast for him. Then he muntah lagi.... I call collegue to cover me up for HBD, but of course lah, emergency like that mana kan ada. Atu maklum lah.. But then just keraja and abis at 10am zoom to pick him up and to RIPAS.... cian eh.

At RIPAS, i drove rah emergency and drop him there. And the lady yang duduk sana was very nice of her to bring Luqman in. I told her i parked my car dulu. Okay. Done... So he was there, amazingly doctor was there too ... already?... yes.. and check him up. They took blood sample and drip glucose.

Susah kan cari urat Luqman. Tebal isinya. Kesakitan jua eh. But kan baik punya pasal, okay lah. Pain sekejap. I know how he feel plang tu, but then again.. for his health jua kan. But when you see your anak in pain like that, you wish that pain arah you saja. Jangan tah pain arah anak. But then again, if anak didn't feel the pain, susah jua nak survive dalam hidup ani. The doctor thought he is a young adult, rupanya still under 10. Oh well....

While waiting for him tadi, nasib jua i left my baju sajok dalam kereta lepas keraja. I got that baju and wore it. Sajok berabiz eh. Luqman on drip now. At 1pm atu he woke up from his sleep. Like kan melompat dari katil. I got panik. Don't know kenapa plang. Rupanya he have a bad dream. Teresak esak like terperanjat. Holding my hand. He hug me and i hug him back. He told me that he mimpi that me lari. "Luqman inda mau mami lari. Luqman takut.."

He was awake but not so awake jua. Still unsure where he is and suddenly asked me what the drip for. Still sakit nya palanya. Still paning. And then back to sleep. Anne just arrived at 12.12pm. Cian jua Anne ani, lepas dialisis tadi pagi. Worried jua ia Luqman not well. I am worried for her jua. Takut takut paning. But hey.. she said okay can manage nya... why not!!!


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