Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cousin kawin..

Well today, ada one of my cousin kawin. I woun't be able to attend her wedding tomorrow but today i have to go. Emm.. yesterday nikah ceremony and today bepacar. So if i take some shots, i will post some here. Very interesting to see bila orang bekawin-kawinan ani. You feel like wah... love is in the air.. hehehheee.

Yang banar nya toh eh. Love is in the air. For all you know, probably terserempak with your jodoh too. Oh well.. to much in my mind now. I got some plan, something cooking. So i am so happy but too thinking. Well, want to know what? Never mind lah ah. Nanti tah. But for now, em.. wedding bepacar karang malam, em.. esok di Stadium at 7am, and work petang with Dj Lydia...huhu.. looking forward. So esuk jua, ada segmen HELLO PEOPLE atu ada topik menarik. Be prepared for that. Kalau last week with Dj Lydia emm .. with the topik 'aktiviti sukan extreme', untuk esok nantikan..... eeeeyyyy scandalous eh.

Suspense saja kan. So i be out and about today. Lots of things to do today. I be back with more later. Expect the unexpected. Cewah..... kiss kiss to you all. Take care today. Lots of love from zura to you whereever you are. MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU AND ME TOO... AMIN AMIN AMIN....


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