Thursday, May 8, 2008


AQUARIUS 20Jan - 19Feb

its a great month for those born under the sign of the Water Carrier..(that's me if you lupa). Creative energy is at its peak, so upcoming projects and ideas should be run smoothly. Only snag: you should be extra careful while communicating to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. All order should be carefully documented in black and white for your own good... Go for it days: 11, 20, 26.

ps. i did mention to a fren, if in business must ada black and white nya even if saudara or peradian. That's important. Worst kalau ada misunderstanding in between all, and you could loose the relationship (you don't want that). Sayang kan... so BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE!!! Em sama jua like artists luar negara kan, yang terlalu kaya kawin tanpa prenup.. oh well...

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