Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yes.. that's right. Haha. How i know about it? Well that was the original name for one of the menu serve in this one country. Yes this is probably new to you, but history to others. Baru lagi tu.. Mulanya, kan cari anchovies. So i said SupaSave ada. Then, olive oil, onion, black olive slice, herbs and spagetti.

The story about the original name for this receipe. And its name - Whore's Meal. I said why? Well.. people finished work at dawn, night hostess, workers malam, drop by at the almost close restaurant, sure kitchen almost close, like cleaning process, and just had nothing to order. That late, so they told the chef to just add pasta with anything.. so anything is - anchovies with olive oil and with pasta. Wala!! the Whore's Meal it is called. But now, no more but a glamourous name. But i forgot what it is. The one i remember is only the Whore's Meal. Haha..

Every countries have their own popular food. Some starts with a good name, and some yeah a good name, its just some name someone create and luck, it become popular. Haha.. LUck! Wham... WM and its HOT!!

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