Friday, June 18, 2010


The former HRH Azrinaz. Sigh! Sad to hear. But then why bother to talk about it. Let it be. They were too, couples once married. Like us, we fall inlove, we get married. if it doesn't work out, it ends up in a divorce. I was divorced once, and yeah.. didn't hear good stories too. But then, it my life. I manage to live my life well, and normal. Now i am happily married.

So let it be. So sorry and sad to hear it didn't work out, but that doesn't mean you can talk sesuka hati without knowing the real stories. Just jodoh sampai di situ saja. So lets move on with our lives, think what we want, what our families want and PENTING sekali, what we can give them.

Just wish both of them well! And to you take care too.

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jiwakitamerdeka said...

You wrote: Like us, we fall in love, we get married.

Not everybody felt in love...and got married. Even those married may divorce...
Kesian, bersusah payah felt in love (yg extreme tu dah macam suami isteri)...then..tak jadi kahwin. Huhu..

Not everybody felt in love before they got married. Ada yg bercinta selepas kahwin....strictly mengikut agama...dan so far so good.

Tanya diri sendiri: Kebahagiaan tu siapa tentukan?