Sunday, June 20, 2010


Baru tah terbungkar pasal modelling ani. Nya kenapa you didn't say anything about it? Well.. you should be proud of it representing your country. Au .. but mesti kan tu?

Keluar lah clip from youtube.. Pasal Model top 3 ani. Doi kecian ku meliat. Lawa pulang tapi, kan kata ani, not my bisnes. Tapi kan kata atu, em.. macam memperbodohkan bangsa sendiri.
Atu i have to tell you, the first thing i learned about broadcasting, especially when you're working sama ada on tv screen or radio. You got to be professional.

Never.. never never ever makes youself sound stupid, nor never never ever makes your partner sounds stupid too.. Never ever, though you think you're better than them, never never ever makes one sounds or look stupid. It's your ass too.

A lesson i learned and well.. for you to think about it. Sometime ada jua inda mau alah, mau jua kan di tell the world, ia better than the other, wal hal, never did you know, that you're who you are. Haha!! figure it out lah. NP. mean No Problem tu.

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