Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow.. serious business. How much did you get to pay yours? How many debts you got to settle every month? And add to this, can you survive? How did you survive? I want to clear my debts soonest. I got my car and credit car. That's it. And i tell you, i am glad the plan for the new credit card payment is going to clear my credit card debt in 3 years, but i am worried, just a bit worried, if i couldn't come up with that amount every month.

Phew!! Did you feel the same? Glad to think it would help to clean sooner, but to clean it need to work extra hard, to find other income. How? Got many ways. But do you have time? Well.. what's needed to be done, got to be done jua. So just tight but will survive.. Smile when settling your bills. You feel better.

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