Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Send my car to agent today. Hope siap this evening. I love my car. One and only. Black beauty. Simple too. The only problem i have with my car just cermin nya saja. The front right and left. Well, its now 7 years. So last membayar bank. Insyallah clear soon. And huray!!! no more paying car. I hope i keep it that way. Surrender inda mau beli car lagi. Mengalih membayar ani.. haha. Siapa jua inda?

So, i never trust workshop. Bagus kah? Maybe for fixing the bump etc okay lah kali. But not internal. Because i think different car got different whatever lah kali. So i think if send to agent, we know guarantee can bring back. Kalau rah workshop, garantee we pay everytime we send. Eh? Lurus kah tu.. So i hope to hear from them soon. Psst.. I drove my car round Brunei dah, 4 Daerah dah, in out. And also been outside Brunei. To Miri and KK. Wah.. Sampai jua sudah. Weldone to my car. Now got to fix bawah nya. Telampau banyak hantakan... haha.

It's going to be as good as new. I am looking forward to see my car back home this evening. Talking about my car, lots of memories. Sweet really sweet. Mad pun Madness.. haha. But love you my baby. I wonder you have a name for your car? I do.. What's yours?

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