Thursday, June 24, 2010

I AGREE with you.

We fall inlove. We fall out of love. We hate each other, at the end we end up together and INLOVE for the rest of our lives, we love each other, yet when we end it with marriage, it didn't last. All ... whatever you say, your opinion, i always agree. We live our lives differently, we think differently, we are human but we are not ever the same. But i must say i agree.

Love. Love is love but its always a mystery. You know why? Everyday, we're inlove, everyday we are out of love. So that everyday we live in we always and never miss to explore different things in lives every saat that you breath! I still agree to you when you tell me about LOVE.

You're right. Damm right. And i always like other's opinion. I wrote what i see, what i feel and wrote about the roller coaster flow in my life and that's my opinion. I love to hear yours too... And it's always interesting to know others' pengalaman. That's a part of life too.

You need to spice up your life. Yes.. your own way. Don't listen to others to tell you how you should live your life. Let them live their own way, their life. Spice up your life the way you wanted it to be. Psst.. You know what's good and what's bad. And always take precaution on whatever you do..


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