Sunday, June 6, 2010


Au banar. Trend trend jua. Sebenar nya malas kan share this. But i share jua. Been in my mind. I was at the mall yesterday, i would say that girl would look good and decent if she wore jeans. Walaupun tight jeans. I wouldn't have comment about it. Tapi she wore stockings and see through. May be she liat from the front inda nampak kali. Tapi inda kan family or friends nya notis dari belakang? She's not that hard to notis. She's big.

Now the issue is not about being big. Its okay. But the issue was about the PINK/ORANGE SELUAR DALAM she wore. I must say the boys depan kami enjoying meliat and mengutuk, but why?

Seriously, i don't want to comment more. I just want you to know, when you buy stockings or leggings, please make sure you know what you want to wear it with. Ikut trend satu, being a victim satu. I wish i have a camera with me just to take that bit, and post it. But then again.. inda ada. Haha..

So please don't be a FASHION VICTIM.. or TREND VICTIM. Baik tah pakai baju yang selesa, yang make you feel good about yourself, does't matter biar tia nampak sikit tapi still stylish and nyaman mata memandang. That's my view.

pssst.. kalau makai leggings, biar baju nya panjang dikit. Jangan macam bejalan bogel. Bida.. kalau kawasan nya tempat yang meriah memakai leggings and stockings, its okay. But kalau you tah ganya yang menarik attention, just because nampak seluar dalam.. wEll WEAR IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! haha..

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NiniBoi said...

hai Zura, assalammu ani kan cari ur chatbox tapi nada..well tepaksa tah me gunakan comments ani.. well ada yg masih jadi satu pertanyaan me arah u zura.. y u buat "I AM A DIAMOND".. what really made u to write that? its must be something behind that phrase.. i would like to knw.. pls visit my blog sometimes ok.. and i would like to knw hw m i goin to contact u beside via blog.. thnx