Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I park on the side, wanted to wave at one of the ****** man standing infront of the mini shop. He was scratching his crOtch. 'Oh shit! he scratch his balls!' .. That's what i said, and i decide not to wave. I only wanted to wave to ask him, if he could get me a bottle of water and send to my car. I can't park my car there if i am not in the car.

Scratch his crOtch. If you don't know what it is, 'garu-garu his balls' and it looked like he is enjoying it too, because he just can't be bothered with people around, as he was standing di bawah lampu, with his friends. I guess inda ia sadar tu jua. Its normal. Is it?

No offence about ******. I seldom catch others scratch, but ******, ya. I got ****** friends too.. i like them. I enjoyed their company, but its just happen the shop i went atu, the owner ******. I guess men do that only.. Entah what is under, but i presume not wearing underware that makes men scratch. Not only ****** kali. All men... Haha. Ada men marah rah me, but that's the fact. I saw..

Jangan marah. If you do, then its true!!

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