Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Night..

Marinating chicken for order tonite. Watched football.. haha! I like Chile play last night, bersemangat. I don't like Spain play last night, adoi one of those moment when you hope for semangat, just so nada. Well.. i am liking football. Do you think i could be an expert? I mean to know who play with who, and who is the best and etc about football? haha! Well i can if i want to. I enjoyed it.

Haha.. i am reading the text send in by pendengar this morning.. this is one text i received i would like to share.. '999I4 gd morning to Luqman bin Zainal jng lupa buat home work jng buat last minit frm Layana'. Eh macam familiar saja nama nya ah.. haha.

Ah.. today a new day. Looking forward for good day, maybe better.. or perhaps okay. But hope for the best. Working, yes got to be focus. I know lots of problems, but yeah.. we can handle this. We live to solve problems.. You solve it you got good thing coming in your ways. You can't solve it FOREVER problem tu.

Oh, if you got HUTANG belambak, like nada chance to have 10% of your salary for youself, well that's bad. Kalau banyak duit pun alum tantu senang, tapi kalau karing kontang, ppun alum gerenti happy jua. Masalah.. banyak masalah. Tapi kalau mau, ada 10% kah.. settle all the hutang and Insyallah.. Tapi kalau inda mau 10%, teruskan berhutang. Gali lobang timbus jua sendiri. Nda siok eh. Psst..settle kan tia. And say to yourself, kalau ada keinginan untuk berhutang, well lari kan perasaan atu. Kalau inda mampu jangan paksa diri. Yang merana sendiri.

Tidor awal. i didnt makan nasi pun. I think i ingat, pagi tu keraja, so i makan spagatti i make the night before, sepiring saja and a glass of warm water. Then keraja.. half way, makan biscuit and a bottle of water. Then balik go tg.Bunut beli barang. Balik rehat, liat channel CI, and few channel. Then tidor awal. Okay lah tidor awal.. tapi awal atu, hiya.. got hot news. But its biasa jua tu sudah.. hot issue, we are human. So i hope inda diperbersarkan lagi. Well..

When i think about it, haha.. i always think you know, its a process in life. And remember, we only live once. That's it. haha nada yang dapat beli what you have in your life, and that i respect with all you've gone through, and you still live to face another after another. I tell you, this is only the beggining, and there's more to come. Sabar and enjoy the moment!

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