Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Haha.. i am laughing out loud di dalam studio ani. My son said - Hi mummy you should see my frog picture it posses just like mummy....;))))

I have a story for FROG. I collected toys, soft toys FROG. Yes.. when i was younger, but still i have some. I can't eat frog. Giler tu eh!! Though i heard sedap! What? Sedap?? Got to be kidding. Anyway, one time i was in Penang, in one of family's friend house. We stayed there for a few days. And the house got water fountain infront of the house.

At night, i heard FROGS singing.. Serious. And lots of FROGS floating. Everywhere. They said they never saw this before. Only that night. And i smile. Inda kan? That was a real story. And a lot more.

Yang funny nya, when i was a younger.. younger, like not sure of good and bad, still in process learning, i killed the tadpoles. Au that is serious too.. That i would called Unlike me.. Haha... to be exact, i would get a plastic bottle, fill up with water and tangkap tadpoles (lurus kah tu jua spelling anak anak katak ah?) ..

Then... i would keluarkan it, and ampaikan di lantai rah parking atu, and i would press its badan, sampai tekeluar that thing dalam badanya... PHew!!! Only if i knew, inda ku mau buat eh. Bari gali when i think about it. That.. adoi.. sama jua siput. Bisai ada kulitnya, i would step on it, and biar pacah.. and liat the snail atu without kulitnya.. Phew!! never ever eh..

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