Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hari atu punya Cerita. Bola lah!

i am watching bola. Very interesting. England VS USA. But of course lah different question i asked. Yang mengalih yang meliat sama. OH.. i missed to see the goal from USA.. haha. Yes now getting interesting. Becareful with human error. Green should not be so confident with that ball. Got ball got to handle it well. Balled it! lol! It is horrible. Haha... Tediam David Beckham. Oh no!! That's is human error. The manager is not amused but USA manager is happy!! Tension..
Yang aku meliat sini ani, nahhhhhhh.. hibernating tia jua my battery. Luckily inda ilang my work ani. England masok - Weldone!! Em.. USA masok??? em.. Horrible Goal!! Why? Well, rugi you didn't see it. Oh no..
I am liking football now. But still alum sure what is offside, faul etc..etc. Start noticing pulang but still learning. 25 days of this one, i will eventually learn something. But i have to say, to keep all in silence, the respect every human have for their National Anthem, kagum ku eh!
'Never be so confident, over confident. You could loose it when you already had it with your own hand' - that's from me.
Breaktime - psst.. don't want to miss this one. Mengantok eh, but meliat the human error goal, makes me em.. okay must see this one. Haha..
2nd half..

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