Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am touched by them remaja. Have a good sweet heart to do all the V job. The volunteer job. Yes.. Sweet. Boleh kah teary mata ku when we talk about special people. I am so proud of them. I know its not easy being a volunteer, good heart, patient, sense of humor, strong heart and enjoy whatever there is in life have to offer. That's a quality one. I am sure there are lots of them out there. I am so glad and proud.

I told them a short story about related subject too. About a friend i know.. yes. And they are touch too with the story. I am glad. These young people got got heart. Alhamdulillah. Parents must real proud too. We want a healthy nation. And that starts from home, school and from their environment.. Important.. To create a healthy nation, we, you and me got to start it right and healthy too..

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