Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Legends

Meliat wayang with someone, ending nya would be getting a different opinion. Haha. Aku menintik nitik air mata (meaning i like that movie eh.. haha), and the other just confused with the movie. The movie was good, but the people who watched it ... mmm..

Just again dalam kereta, what was that about ya. I thought habis sudah cerita nya, mati jua sudah bini nya.. what was that end story got to do with him with that.. MMMMmmm.. mendalam jua tu meaningnya. Something got to do with semangat from the wife kali jua. And the son. And i think that's the reason he became like that, up down, penyabar, loose and bangun lagi and become like that lah at the end. Get it? Inda?

But the one who pick the movie, dia. Then bab yang ada touch the perasaan, well.. like inda terasa. Is it because in denial. Denying dari perasaan atu, takut kalah? That i don't understand. Which means, i need to understand. Characterwise etc.. haha. Not Clear. Clearly got meaning bah movie ah.. I laugh jua in my heart.. Banar kan tu?


Do you want to know? Well i guess different people got different opinion. But yang nada perasaan.. not perasaan like what, tapi of course some part of the movie must have touch you when you see, not all probably, but hey.. in reality, ada bah orang like this. Nada perasaan. Only enjoyed entah ah .. apa?

Okay for example, Kung Fu Panda, which part touched you? Or .. what was the movie Will Smith with anak nya belakun? em.. Or the latest one Sandra Bullock belakun baru baru ani that based on real story, so which one touched you?

Psst.. nda kan nada. Or other movie, ask yourself. Haha.. serious eh. Yeah, serious, which part you like and which part you don't like.. Go watch that movie. NIce..

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