Friday, June 25, 2010


Have you ever stop a minute and ask yourself on how long you will live and what you've have done in this life? Ada ah.. that's good. Me too. And its just like that ya. Born and gone. That's kitani and other mahluk yang lainnya. Wow.. If you're in your teenage years, well maybe not thinking about it so much.. when you're in your adult life, maybe if you've gone through such life, but when you're just there.. i mean above 40, wow! That's where it starts. Life starts at 40. We could have different opinion from others but yes.. then only wishing.. So when 40 above, start thinking.. em.. let see if i get to add 20 i will be 60, if i add 30 i will be 70 and if i add another 10 i will be 80. So how long do you think you live? Another 30? or more? Haha...

It's all up to you. You want to live and grow old gracefully? Up to you. ;). You want to think about death and cry and regret with things you didn't do or could have done, well up to you too. If now, you start thinking about you could do something, you can change something, you got a chance to do it, as long as you got the guts to go through it. Serious.

It doesn't matter what you want to do, ask yourself. You know what you want to do.. Something.. just something. Not only by doing something big, you think changing something, but doing little things are also something. Some think, aaaahhhh, i got to impress. Well, you're wrong. You impress yourself with what you do is right. Yes.. inda you paham kali. Sit and be yourself and think.. Then you know what i meant. Sound complicated kan, but hey.. its right there, just invisible yet.

Love your age. Thank to Allah you got to live till this day. Why? I don't know. You? You don't know. Say Thank you to Allah. Banyakan Ilmu di dada, agar kita jangan sampai hilang keyakinan diri. Support each other to live happily. Support each other with one good word everyday.. you already make changes.. Changes in your life and others.. Touch them.. (hiya! not touch touch.. ) touch their hearts, and let them know, that they're wanted and loved.

What is age to you? What is aging to you?

When talked about aging, not all really liking it. That's why some artist commit suiside to be known and maintain young forever. Some would undergone banyak surgery to look younger and not aging. But all in the heart jua.. though you muda, tapi you rasa tua, well tua you tu. But when you think young, young you tu. Its all in you. You is you. haha.. hai, i just wanted to share something. Hope that make sense.


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