Friday, June 18, 2010


Sex or gender? Is it the same kah tu? In the form, usually gender or sex. Which one you notis dalam form? Oh talking about sex ani, it is akhir zaman. Ada yang sampai tukar gender. I would like to ask one when i meet one, and seriously ask why? Not that i am kepoh, just everytime when i heard people talk about PONDAN, i hated it.

I always tell these people, just leave them alone. I always tell these people, maybe naluri nya too strong like woman, like man etc... And further more, one thing, they don't know what happen. Second, they don't know why PONDAN become PONDAN? Third, why you have to laugh at it? It's scary you know, coz' you don't know how your life be and how one day the PONDAN is you. Not that you want to be, just no explaination. And why i said that, kejadian for a reason. Or same to TOMBOY. Maybe naluri too strong that they can't control it. Have you ever ask?

I know a few, bi-sexual, pondan, tomboy etc.. you name it. And i am okay with that. Not that i agree, i just go along with it, because they are human too. And they have feelings too. Normal friends good to have, the abnormal one also good to have. I know it sound harsh, forgive me. But i can never laugh at them. Laugh the way they dressed, talk or walk. That's a no.. no. Let it be. You don't like it, go away and just ignore it and think of other good things to talk about. You okay with it, get along with it.

Haha.. i think i've seen too much. Much that you would not imagine. So that's why lah. What? Yes.. true.

Let me ask you.. If you are allowed to choose what gender you want in this life, what would it be? Psst.. i've known and got so many friends who are like that, and they are fun happy people. I enjoyed their company. Oh.. one time i was in California, i met a fashion designer, and sHE so cool. I took the summer work for one of the radio station in Santa Monica, and we sat next to each other.. wah! i must say, i enjoyed it. And one time at a friend's bday party, and a lot of them were there, i sat with them group, and i just enjoyed their company. Fun to be with when you know them. They love you too!

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