Sunday, May 11, 2008


HAPPY MAMA'S DAY FOR ME... yeah. Well, right now i am mad. Eh malar jua mad ani. But i am okay. Just a bit on mama's day. I can still control if for now. Cuaca hari ani tells you how i feel right now. What i am facing now. But what the story? Well that only for me to know.

I woun't say much on what's going on right now. Nada point. We know who we are. Kalau ludah jangan di tarik balik. Bari gali kan. Unless you biasa kumur kumur and then telan apa yang you kumur kumur atu.. its okay.

I thought i be in peace today. Rupanya.. huh. My face right now panas macam lepas kena tampar saja. And i am mad kan.... Siapa inda mad kalau lepas kena tampar??? Panas kan lepas kena tampar? Well... tapi ani inda kena tampar. Rasanya saja. Oh well...

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