Friday, May 2, 2008


still KIV. Em mahal nie. But if i want this one, need to save up. That what i did last time. Kan travel, save up. Biar tia inda belanja, ke mall ka, ke mana mana lah, asal puas hati save duit untuk travel. Well.. like other human being, i do also have hutang. That be my car still ada monthly nya kan di bayar. Em... maybe phone bill. That's it. The rest just belanja untuk Luqman sekolah and other barangan rumah lah. Em mana yang tais liur kan di makan, then beli. Alhamdullilah.

For this one, luxury kali ah. But since i love taking pictures, i want this. Again need to save lah. Catu lah ceritanya. So kalau kan save pun, em.. maybe $15o per month and sampai to that amount lah.. you can do it too.. why not.

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