Thursday, May 8, 2008


As usual for my appointment gigi. Then facial yesterday too. Met my frens and wah... kena bawa bbq tarus. Well.... rezeki kan. Em i had coke yesterday. The whole night bbq atu, hard for me to habiskan one can of coke ah.. Oh well... i tell you i have 3 bottles of mineral water in my car.

Left Miri about 9ish.. and back to home at almost midnight. Weldone Zura... full swing yesterday. Balik solat and sleep. I had a wonderful Wednesday yesterday. That i will remember. Been a long time, good to meet up with them girls again...

Who says being single is lonely?? he.he.. You have so many to do.. just don't forget who you are saja. That's all. And you good to go!!

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