Monday, May 5, 2008

AT WORK ON SUNDAY - 4.05.08 with LYDIA

our Topic for HELLO PEOPLE - Satu hal / perkara yang menakutkan awda. Amazing working with Lydia last Sunday atu. Been a while. We used to work every Thursday HBD, but now no more. Sedih. But well.. that's the way it is now. Wish still plang. But again.. ya lah... we always have fun together. I like Lydia because she is who she is. And everybody Djs pun in Pelangi, they are all unique and all got own specialty. Amazing kan. Masing-masing ada character.. WOW!!!

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Anonymous said...

memang pun Dj Dj d pelangi fm..ada cara tersendiri...well for me Dj still the best among them..tuhan meanugerah mu sesuatu yang sangat istemewa..mungkin zura tak menyedari nya..tpi aku tau....miss u selalu takecre..abg nawi..seria