Saturday, February 2, 2008

Interesting 5 MIN

Yesterday was the first day of February kan. Wah.. Now Feb. Then March. Then soon December lagi. March thinking to make appointment for my son to berkhatan. I told him about it and he said OUCh!! he.he.. i just smile. I wish masa ia baby sudah kena sunat. I remember the doctor asked me if i wanted my baby to be sunat after i deliver. Well, i should have, nda ia tau kan. Ani ... oooo...oooo... tau sudah kan sakit. So well, got to go through it lah tu.. cian my baby..

Anyway, i miss delivering atu eh. I love to be pregnant ani bah. Deliver pun ok. But pantang not ok. Serious toh.. i dont like pantang. I see nowdays young mama dont bother with pantang. Ada yang 5 to 10 days after delivery, dah tia jalan jalan di kadai bawa baby lagi toh. Wah??? Steady toh eh. But steady masa muda ani saja toh. Bila tiba masa nya, ada ada saja problem body, sight effek dari delivering. Au... banar toh.... once twice.. you say ok.. but then later you regret it. So look after yourself young mama... keep the same and maintain walau tia sampai ramai zuriat ya.
Yesterday, what did i do yesterday??? emm...e...e... yes.. i had 2 slice of whole meal bread with nutella spread. Yummy... werent on the computer the whole day but i read a few chapters of The Historian. Yes still reading em. Slow and steady. As long as you dont quit, still cool you! Oh send my baby to school. We were talking about school again.

I need to share this, my baby pandai pandai dah buat omelette sendiri ani wah. Pakai own flavor lagi toh. Pakai nya apa apa serbuk kesukaan nya. Atu ya. But no worries, my maid ada lah bediri siring nya. So okay lah. And after ia buat the omelete, he will ask me to taste it. He.he.. kiddies cooking. Hey i should teach kanak kanak memasak ah, or prepare own breakfast. What do you think?? Sekali kanak kanak nya pandai memasak ani bah. Au rilek eh mama..

i really feel restless ani bah yesterday akhir akhir atu. Nak write, tapi tak ada line. And malas nak jalan. Alahai.. nak beparam... berparam eh.. au biar tia, campok tia nak beparam saja lah kat rumah... ha.ha..a I had an interesting morning, and yes.. em.. i settle my dst bills and inda kena barred lagi HURRAY.. and ada lagi lah.... secret.. (suspen nie)

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