Friday, February 29, 2008

Older Man

i was driving... then something came up. In my mind lah. Entah why? Only a thought. Why does younger woman love older man? And why does younger man loves older woman?? Yes.. that was in my mind. Not older as in 5 to 6 year only, malah 20 year.. or even older...
I seen plang younger woman with older man, some are friends. But all that i know, yang kurang kasih sayang from the father kali. Like the young girls miss the daddy's attention, daddy's love.. Tapi yang older man ani, apa lagi, of course take advantage. Entah lah...
It makes me smiles sometime, but i do also like older man. In a way, caring, loving and gives attention.
Like from broken up families ah.. the parents becerai awal lagi, the young girls nada given attention full from the father, then from older man, these young girls feel safe. Like attention given, love given, everything lah given. Tanya tah, dorang yang muda muda atu, why? See what jawapannya.
Tapi ada jua younger woman seeing older man for money. For security. For power. Kalau tempat kerja, wanting to tackle the boss, to get power and position. Siapa jua inda. But ada yang terlalu over jua. And yang older man ani inda tah jua sadar. Sorry to say, i heard a lot of what younger woman said about their older scandals jua. That's sad. Sorry for the wives and sorry for the man. If only the older man knows, malu you know. Inda ada air muka nya labih tinggal ani bah.
I myself writing about this, may be one day i get married, thinking my hubby ani baik banar, suddenly scandal with younger woman. We never know. Not wanting it to happen, but we never know. So doa lah, agar not like that. But kalau sudah terjadi to those people out there, what you all going to do?
As a woman, when you are seeing someone, older, then that someone older tend to go for girls may be about 20 younger, and you will not accept it kan... but when you see again, what do these young girls want, and what do these old man wants, totally different thing. Older man is not looking for younger woman because kekurangan love or attention from the partner, but want more probably lust. I salut Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Wife passed away, and then married with the woman kurang lebih umornya. Baru ia. When you think about it, when you are at that age, you need companion.
Woman are the same. From young to whatever age. Still the same. That's how i see it. Men are the same too. Its just that the younger ones belum ada experience. But once they are involved, then they will also go through life, and they become mature. Then bila mature, younger woman will be gila for these young man dulu.. ... but ada jua yang young man, but mature than the older man.
Tell me more about younger man going for older woman. Mostly woman yang divorced, you ask them.. may be 20 to 30 percent or perhaps higher than that seeing man younger by 10 to 15 years. Tell me about that??? So i would like to understand a bit. Is it because the older you are the "berpengalaman" you are? Well atu for sure lah, but inda kan atu saja.... Let me know eh.. curious ku jua. I myself, like older man and younger man. How about that? You cana?
Confusing ah... Lets do this. Ask anyone you know that seeing or dating older man. And ask any young man you know dating older woman. And share with me. I want to see, but of course we will not get the answers for the real answer we want, but at least we got some idea.
What you need to do???? Just ask people you know okay. Me.. i am okay with everything. I will not larang. But i don't puji. Its your body, its your soul. You menjawab sendiri.
None of my bussiness. But hey, for penyelidikan ani, do ask. Or even, you the avid reader of my blog, seeing someone older or younger. Share with me. I want to know. Thanks...
This was when i was driving this morning..... jangan marah eh.. just wonder saja... and please lah, jangan tah emosi berabiz ah bila baca this one... enjoy it and think together..

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