Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I saw tadi ada small accident rah UBD area... the em.. exit kan bandar. Two ladies driver nya and one got out the car and making phone call and the other one i guess yang guilty one in the car.. oh well... don't know how it happen.. but i took a picture of it tadi..

Then went to look for a magnet for my son.. lah apa lagi round eh cari. Went to Bismi and yeah.. got it there.

On the way balik tadi, i saw a dead dog kali. Kena langar lari. Quite big, i wasn't sure if its a dog eh... i saw bumper orang melangar atu tetingal there, i think hit must be hard tu. Well, sayang jua bumper nya, tapi kecian jua yang mati atu. Contoh.. ia tah kalau cuai, could be own nyawa. Atu baru peringatan saja... Oh well...

I need to sleep now. Got to go Work tomorrow HBD.. Dream Good tonight. Sleep Well. Think of me.. he.he.e.. And jangan lupa Bismillah nya 21x. NYTEEEEE

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