Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seri Mama Restaurant Muara..

I am here!!! au banar. I will be here everyday. Imagine, au banar. Pasal apa i am here nah? Well that for you to find out. Check it out. Jangan lupa singgah ke muara rah Seri Mama Restaurant Muara ah.

Em.. today, at work, at HIBURAN 914 was ok. Caya ada Carta Kitani. Lucu eh.. lucu..lucu.... Went home and rest, watch one dvd. And now i am in Muara. Probably until 2am. Fun jua lah... at least got something to do kan.

I am liking this. I always want to find somthing new to do. To keep the brain active. To get the pengalaman atu important. Yes.. may be now rasa, eh bahapa jua kan. But you know important to get pengalaman. Mark my word atu. Selagi masih terdaya, go ahead. Jangan give up!!

Good Night..

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Anonymous said...

awu, ada banar c zura d seri mama...nada ia menipu kamu. hehehehe hai zura, semoga sukses selalu. u know who i am! FR