Tuesday, February 12, 2008

out of the blue..

could it possibly... suspen eh kemarin atu. I was along the jambatan in Kampong Sg.Matan, meliat-liat sambil mengambar. It was very interesting. Shocking to me, as i was walking along the jabatan, i saw this group of guys kan. And one of them caught my attention. Why???
Okay, i got this friend in Malaysia, well sort of more than friend lah... Well... ceta lama when i was still single...single.. yes alum kawin lah toh and alum ada luqman...he.he... So the story ani, this guy resembles him exactly. Like twins sama in everything. Ketinggian, looks, what he wore kemarin, and all lah. I was shock and huaaak... argh.. is that him?
I walked towards that group of guys, and stop. Stand right infront of him, and ask lah about fishing. WAhhhh.... orang Brunei. Amazing eh. The person i know atu Malaysian. So amazing, tercengan lah aku ani boh takazut.. like inda percaya ani. Gaya and all sama ani. One of a kind but good looking. But the group was fun jua.... Anyway, what was that supposed to mean?
I remembered when i came back to Brunei, and lost contact which was way back before Luqman was born even, he actually call me on my Brunei line ani bah. But then, again the reason we broke up, he have to marry this girl he was seeing jua while he was seeing me, but she got pregnant. Well... of course lah the family of the girl atu paksa kawin.
From there, stop lah the seeing part and i move on. But then few years after that, he actually call me and i was shock how he got my number.. but that was my old number. Not anymore lah.. Again, amazing that i saw pelanduk dua serupa here in Brunei that Sunday. Bukan apa, possible kah tu, i asked myself, the same look, gaya, the way he laugh, the way he talk, the way he move, the way everything lah, from jari jari to his face, mulut, telinga, ke kaki nya etc... the same???
Oh well.... after chatting with them about fishing, i move on along the jambatan, and inda beranti bekunyayang with all the people there. Fun...... and bukan apa jua, for the "twins" atu, i just want to see up close if it were possible ada yang photocopy nya like that ... but different country. I wonder if i got my twins too out there in this world. They say, we got 7 in the world? Is it true ka?

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