Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Morning!!

I tot that was a JOKE... HA.HA... Gosh!! how i hate it (but good to know eh.. ) when i found something i dont want to know... Really that Su**s... I laugh my head off. YOu got to be kidding me. This is a Joke rite??? I am still smiling in confusion. Bla..bla..blaaa.... Need a nap later. Not to layan my head so much. Kebeliangan saja. But true lah.. in life kalau banyak berzikir, you get to see things sometimes you dont want to see, but you want to know the truth saja. Well... there i got one.

Later in the afternoon, be at Seri Mama Restaurant in Muara, then at 7pm off to Tutong for rehearsals, then off back to muara again. Then tidor kali balik kerumah. Then hopefully got a good mimpi, and hopefully i got to live another day. That would be nice.

Em... what else ya, still got lots of pictures eh to post here. Fun jua like inda beranti bah. Tired? Inda jua. Em... what a beautiful morning. Caya you, i have breakfast at gerai di Taman Selera di Bandar. Want to know what i ate? Indo Mee Goreng (plain saja..) and one telur burger. Inda kan tebarus eh.. au lapar ku. Kalau kebeliangan, memang toh... ha.ha.ha...

What a life i have. I am so grateful. I am so loving it. I am up to it....LAYAN...

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