Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Songs

I never have such a feeling...
You took my breath away...
Its just you and me..
I hardly know ..
the beauty of all this..
Never forget... never will forget..

Just a song.. and i smiled eh. I am here in Muara and probably be here until later. Just a beautiful love song. Reminds me of my late Babah. Some old good friends who loves this love songs.. Old but Gold. Yes... how lonely life can be.. shadows follow me and nights would set me free... another love song... Heart so green and that's what life's all about.

All the times, when you sit alone kan, just so alone, what runs in your mind? Do you ever think of anything?? ....and i love you so... people ask me why?.. i tell them i don't know.. the end of the love song. Coming up next, oh this is one of my favourite.. no i can't forget this evening.. but i guess that's just the way the story goes.. no i can't forget tomorrow.. when i think of all the sorrow.. i should let you know, what you should know.. i can't live if living is without you... soothing eh... just an old times.

How you wish you can turn back times right? I don't know ya. Tapi kan, if you alone kan, apa apa saja will come to you mind. About you. Totally about you.. ada kah? But then at the end of the day, did you think again what you have done for the day? Em.. did you make people smile? Did you try to avoid a fight? Or an arguments? Or did you hurt anyone? Did you do well today? Did you change something today? Or did you try to make the difference?

I love you... i always love you... another love song. i am not trying to make you feel unconfortable... i honestly love you... Just all the love songs tonight.. eeee i am so what? entah ah. I am ok..

oh one more... don't give up on us baby.. give it one more try... Dream can still come true. Don't give up on us baby. Oh well.. i am out. Need to post some more good pictures. I am missing someone so dearly. But we all are too busy with our own life... well that's life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ka Zura..
well ka zura bangun ja pagi i always said to my self in da mirror..what im gonna do today to make ppl around me happy..hehe.
Im a mother with 3 kids..well kdg2 ka zura ah mmg ive do my best to be the best wlwpun tpksa mengorbankan perasaan sndiri..But i believe di sebalik semua2 atu ada hikmah dan nikmat yg disediakan untuk ku. now reading blog ka zura menjadi harian ku its becoz i love ka zura ani sal u are one happy go lucky,penuh dgn semangat dan positive urgnya.Thats the best from u!wlwpun i dont really know u,nda kenal u p im sure there's lots form u lagi u should share hehe.