Monday, February 18, 2008

Aquarius Babe - January21 to February18..

YOU ARE : Passionately fair, to the point where you need to make sure the underdog is looked after can blind you to what would really be the right thing to do!! Your individualism shines through in your unique sense of fashion; you're also fun and charismatic but stubborn as hell!! (ia tah nie.. susah lah.. payah payah.. stubborn, cana kan ilangkan, inda sanggop bah.. menyakit kan hati stubborn ani..berat berat lah..)

THE GOOD: you have a knack of bringing groups of people together, who work well either as friends or life changing groups. Your charisma is as irressitible as your humour and your inventive way of looking at the world can bring ideas that work, even if others initially think they're crazy!!! (like sound familiar eh.. like me crazy???)

THE BAD: you're very likely to judge and dismiss people who you see as lacking passion for what's happening around them (how so true..why??) ; if someone crosses you, you 're not above humiliating them in public and getting everyone laughing at them!! (ouch.. Unintenationally.. banar) You also find it hard to conform, even at work!!

LOVE MATCH: your guy needs to be confident enough to enjoy his own life while letting you enjoy yours!! It's not that you don't want love or a serious relationship, but it has to be one with values that challenge you, make you think about life but also is full of humar and adventure.

TRY: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra or Sagitarius.

for MR.AQUARIUS : he'll want to change things and gradually, he'll come up with lots of new ideas that'll open up his life.

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