Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tired of the YOU.. YOU..

When you think of you only?

What do you think when you don’t have anything in common but you think you do?
You think you have the same motif.
You think you have the rights to control the situation.

What makes you think your plan work?

You think you got the answers?
You think you are right all the time?
You think this is the soulution?
You think that you can do it all?

You think you ?! You?! You?!

What do you do when you are selfish?
What do yo do when you think you are too good?
What makes you think you help others?
What emotional supoort? Mental support? What else you support? Ha.ha..ah..

Have you ever think what people think you when you think you ?

I am so pissed!!!! I am really…. I am letting it out now. I just don’t see why you don’t see?
Always questions in my head? Not trying to analyse it? But don't you see it all? Describe me? Who you? Have you..

Lost that feel
Lost that sense
Lost that trust
Lost that love
Lost that fear
Lost that smile
Lost that laughter
Lost that sights
Lost that sparks…

Have you ever thought of THAT??

I gues it didn’t matter because you know I know. Or does it matter? When you only think of you??

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to move on...