Sunday, February 17, 2008


Just a quiet Sunday for me today. I don’t think its wrong to stay at home and being lazy. Some would say I am crazy or perhaps getting crazy if I don’t go out from the house. So we know that we all have different views. Home sweet home. Home is my syurga for now and why would I become crazy just by staying at home? Oh.. I heard that being at home not talking to people; not mingling with people can turn you crazy? Is it so??

To me being in the house, many things to do. And you are free to do whatever you want. You can walk naked in your own house and no one would know. But of course lah inda. Atu stail orang Europe or barat kali ah. So just to make it clear. Sometime when you go out you just have to pretend. Well not all, but most of the time. Looking good for others lah or whatever. Potong jari ku ani kalau nada..

I’ve watched 3 dvds ani bah. Huh… not liking it so much. Apa nah.. the best so far, well romantic jua lah was the P.S. I LOVE YOU… and what I watched ALIENS VS PREDATOR 2, SWEENY TODD, BLONDE AND BLONDER… ha.ha..

First, just to say I don’t quite understand why the predator satu ja kan lawan all the aliens, at the end a lot of human mati.. but in a way, very symbolic jua cerita atu. But so far not so good sebab pelakunnya adoi… not good belakun. May be belakun untuk drama series ok kali. Not for movie. Still mentah pelakun nya kali. Anyway, not good. If rate 10, I would give only 3 saja.

And SWEENY TODD.. Well, too much killings and too many innocent people died just menunggu kan membunuh the judge. Well.. then ada tia cannibalism with meat pie nya. Then bukan apa, very so clear lah the slicing of the throat atu. Yuk.. I don’t like it. Don’t know if you like it, but too elobrate that part. Phew… tired ku meliat catu atu. Nilu eh.

Em.. The BLONDE AND BLONDER.. bah kalau kan becali and meliat kebodohon manusia.. Well that’s the movie lah… but at the end, of course boleh di teka. At least ada denise and Pamela there, so okay lah. But silly lah.. Not so much of a good one. I give only 2 jua..

I totally switch off myself from answering the phone. Just want the peace. But tonight ada few friends drop over to the house. Makan tah di rumah. Makan ikan salai beli di pasar gadong, yeah thanks guys. Just wondering, inda jua sensitive dorang atu bukan like orang atu. Like when I say something, salah. Like marah. Well I am not. And I don’t understand anymore. Au seriously, I don’t understand.

How to impress? Do I have to impress? What if I just be me? would you agree? Just too tired… bukan apa tired nya. Dulu boleh lah, think that i am stup**. But not any more.. I am just being me. I am only for Allah. That’s all I can say.

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