Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Worn Out

Not feeling so good today. Someone just give me the virus. Huhu... But it didn't stop me from my plan for the day. And it went well. I went home after work, and cook for lunch. The children at home, and brother and sis inlaw stayin over for a few nights. Great!!

It's been a long time. The house used to be so quiet. My son watched TV if I am at work. Now, its totally different. I love it. I love children you know. They make me smile. During lunch, my nephew ran upstair to watch BARNIE? yeah.. terdengar ia bunyi lagu barnie di atas, and tarus ia ke atas. I find it interesting.

We had lunch in the dining room and i asked everybody, how children think. How they find it interesting when they hear the music. It make them laugh kan, and as for adults, we just find it so chilren thing lah kan. But we ourselves could not remember how we felt during that time too. I used to love Sesame Street? Yeah.. now i like Desprate Housewive... ?? Yeah.. So how ya..

I'm curious about that. I wish i knew. But in my thought kan, i have to be like them the kids if i want to understand. Oh... that be so funny.. but i am willing to see how it goes. Its amazing you know. Oh well.. another thing to think about. I can't stop thinking of everything. It keeps going.

Oh tomorrow is the D day. so.. i am ready for the hearing. Tadi i masak sambal terong, tumis kacang panjang, ayam kicap and ikan masin. Oh the children love it. Of course kalau mummy Zura masak, everybody tambak sampai tiga kali bah. Au... its ok tu. That means my food so the nyaman punya... ha.ah.a..a

Anyhew, i m going to bed now. So many i did today, i am so worn out. Its been a busy day but also ending nya worth it. I learn somthing new today too. How about you?

Nyte.. nyte.. xoxox

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